High temperature FFF printer HTP 260

With its first FFF 3D printer HTP 260, German company GEWO sets new standards in additive manufacturing with high temperature plastics.

To date, manufacturers of 3D printers for high-performance polymers like PEEK, PPSU, PEI-PC, and PEI have had difficulties in achieving good layer adhesion while minimising warping of printed parts.
With the development of the HTP 260, GEWO succeeded in solving this issue.  This device minimises warping while ensuring good layer adhesion of plastics with melting points above 200°C. This is achieved by heating the build area to a temperature of 260°C and the heatbed to a temperature of 260°C.  The maximum extrusion temperature is 450°C.

High-precision linear axes and automatic heatbed calibration provide for high quality manufacturing with repeatability better than 0.05 mm.

The printer is equipped with a network interface and a USB interface for CAD data transfer and can be operated via the integrated 7-inch touch panel or the network interface.

The future-oriented equipment of the HTP 260 comprises two equivalent nozzles for simultaneous printing of different materials.

Furthermore, the product features an integrated mechanism for retrofitting a high-performance milling spindle.

In case of interest or questions, please contact GEWO Feinmechanik GmbH:

Tel. +49 08122 97480


Technical Data (pdf - Download)