Open material system

The GEWO HTP 260 is a high-temperature 3D printer with an open material system for functional prototypes, production parts, equipment and fasteners and tools. In order to achieve optimum printing results, GEWO 3D filaments are developed using proprietary parameters in cooperation with specialists from the company Ensinger. The spectrum ranges from high-performance polymers to highly filled filaments with carbon fibre shares that increase the stability of the component to engineering polymers – all of which are manufacturer-independent.

Optimal print results

GEWO 3D recommends a wide range of suitable thermopolymers with excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties – all of which are manufacturer-independent. Almost no limits exist to the processability of the filaments with 1,75 mm diameter. Any grade can be processed almost distortion-free and with an extremely high layer adhesion. This is made possible by the built room, which can be heated up to 260° C, in combination with the pressurised bed, which can be heated up to 270° C.