Research! Develop! Test!

The GEWO HTP 260 is the ideal 3D printing system for customers who want to test their own high-performance polymers including PEEK, PPSU, PEI, PEI-PC, PEEK CF30, ULTRAFUSE 316 L and other materials! The 260° C high-temperature 3D printing system is specially designed and configured for applications in research, development and testing.

Reduced warping, high layer adhesion

The GEWO HTP 260 reduces the warping and distortion of the printed components, and achieves high layer adhesion for polymers with melting points of > 200° C. This is achieved by controlling the temperature of the built room up to 260° C and heating the pressure bed up to 270° C. The maximum extrusion temperature of the polymer in this case is 450° C.

Repeat accuracy < 0.05 mm

High-precision linear axes and automatic calibration of the print bed ensure high-quality production and repeatability at < 0.05 mm. The GEWO HTP 260 has two equally sized nozzles for printing different materials simultaneously. It also has a built-in tool for retrofitting a high-performance milling spindle.