The seven benefits of GEWO 3D printing technology

GEWO 3D printing technology offers you seven benefits that significantly increase your latitude for development in additive manufacturing. Regardless of the material you want to process. Regardless of the technical adjustments required tomorrow. 

Equipped with GEWO 3D printing technology, the GEWO Performer 260 delivers the quality, productivity and future-ready scalability to achieve the technological edge and performance you desire for your developments.

  1. 260° C built room temperature – short preheating time

    The new heater quickly heats the built room to 260° C. The maximum nozzle temperature is 450° C. This increases the mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance of the polymers.

  2. Up to ten-times faster printing speeds

    Acceleration of up to 6 m/s², travel speeds of up to 300 mm/s and a material throughput of up to 0.5 kg/h reduce the printing time considerably. Together with constant dimensional accuracy and surface quality, this delivers an enormous production advantage!

  3. Highest printing process reproducibility

    46 sensors along with heat-resistant drive technology, the printing software 
    and control monitor, adjust and ensure that even the tightest dimensional and tolerance specifications are met. 

  4. One of the largest FFF built rooms around

    The 450 x 450 x 350 mm built room allows larger components, such as cable ducts, ventilation shafts, brake covers, flanges and covers for electric drives to be produced optimally.

  5. Patented new print head replacement system

    The new print head replacement system allows lengthy spool replacement times to be reduced to less than five seconds. Two or four print heads can print components simultaneously thus reducing the printing time. Milling heads and special tools can be retrofitted quickly.

  6. Manufacturer-independent open material system with multi-material printing

    For higher component stability with carbon-fibre components, GEWO 3D recommends the use of high-performance polymers such as PEEK, PPSU, ULTEMTM1010 (PEI), ULTEMTM9085 (PEI-PC), the filled polymers PEEK CF30 and ULTRAFUSE 316L and other engineering polymers.  

  7. Tried-and-tested industrial control

    The BOSCH REXROTH PLC industry control guarantees a precise and reliable printing process, documents all the process parameters and increases the reproducibility of the results.